Are you a Tampa-area taxpayer struggling with IRS back taxes?

Is the IRS threatening collections against you?

Do you need help resolving business tax problems?

For any IRS tax problem Florida taxpayers may be facing, Tampa Pure Tax Relief is your local resource for professional tax relief options in the Tampa area. Unlike the faceless "1-800" tax relief gimmicks that flood the TV, radio, and internet with flaky promises, Pure Tax Relief provides a customer-friendly alternative for Tampa-area taxpayers in need of professional IRS help. Our firm consists of in-house tax relief attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals that work directly with our clients to deliver transparency and results!

From our office in Clearwater, we serve individuals and business owners throughout Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, or any Pinellas and Hillsborough County community seeking a professional tax relief company they can trust to properly settle IRS problems. If you are struggling with IRS back taxes, wage garnishments/collections, business tax problems, or offshore tax problems of any kind, contact us today to speak directly with one of our tax relief attorneys for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you secure a realistic tax relief option that will settle your tax problems for good.


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Local Tax Relief Attorneys

When it comes to settling complicated IRS problems, hiring a lawyer for IRS problems is your best option to securing an ideal tax relief settlement. Every day, our seasoned tax relief attorneys take on the IRS, applying their advanced negotiation skills and tax law knowledge to secure the best possible tax relief options for Tampa individuals and businesses..


IRS Back Tax Relief Programs

IRS back taxes, big or small, new or old, have the ability to cripple your personal and financial freedom. If you are a Tampa area taxpayer needing help with IRS problems (settling back taxes, penalties, or interest) there are viable options for back tax relief through our firm. Our licensed tax relief experts, including tax attorneys and accounting professionals can help with filing back tax returns, securing IRS Offer In Compromise programs, applying for Innocent Spouse Relief, and other popular back tax relief options..


IRS Wage Garnishment & Levy Relief

If you are a Tampa area taxpayer currently facing a garnishment or levy, or if you have recently received an Intent to Levy notice in the mail, there's no better time than now to pursue professional help. One of the most important services we provide is wage garnishment and levy relief for our clients. Through expert IRS negotiations by our licensed tax attorneys, we help Florida clients reclaim their hard-earned assets from the IRS and formulate a plan to settle their back tax problems for good..


IRS Tax Audit Representation

Whether you are an individual or business owner facing an IRS audit of any degree, it's crucial to consult a IRS audit defense expert to properly settle and prevent IRS audits. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers prepare for, settle, and prevent IRS audits through the comprehensive help of our licensed tax attorneys and tax preparation experts..


Business Tax Relief & Consulting

Our business tax relief and consulting professionals are at your service for all your business tax needs.  Whether you are facing business tax problems (payroll back taxes, worker classification, tax filing compliance, etc), need help starting a business, or bookkeeping and payroll solutions, our team of business tax experts are at your service to help you succeed..


International Tax Compliance

For any Florida citizen facing challenges in the arena of international tax compliance (business matters, offshore asset compliance, etc) we have a team of international tax consultants at your service. Through the expert representation of our offshore tax attorneys and tax preparation experts, we can help you comply with FBAR/FATCA regulations, maintain international tax filing compliance, or provide any consulting you need to invest or conduct business offshore..


Non-Profit Tax Services

Are you a Florida citizen with a vision for starting a non-profit organization? We can help bring your 501C3 goals to reality!  Our team of non-profit registration professionals, including tax attorneys and tax accountants will help you properly plan for, file, and achieve 501C3 status..