Licensed tax experts securing proven IRS back tax relief options for Tampa area taxpayers

If you are a Tampa area taxpayer in need of help with back taxes, make sure you contact a local, trustworthy tax relief company that can deliver transparency and results. Living with back taxes is one thing, but finding a professional tax relief company you can trust can be just as stressful. For any Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg resident facing back tax problems of any kind, Tampa Pure Tax Relief offers a refreshing alternative to the numerous "1-800" tax relief gimmicks in the area.

Comprised of licensed tax professionals, our firm delivers realistic back tax relief programs without the empty promises.  When you hire Tampa Pure Tax Relief to settle your IRS problems, you are getting a team of licensed tax relief attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals whom are direct employees of our firm. Their sole expertise is dealing with the IRS, applying their advanced negotiation skills to secure the best possible tax settlement for you.  From filing back tax returns to restore your tax compliance, to representing you with the IRS and assuming all communication burdens, we'll work with you to deliver transparency and results. If you are a Tampa area taxpayer ready to take action and have your back taxes properly, and professionally settled once and for all, we invite you to contact us right now for a free consultation. 


IRS back tax relief Tampa, FL

The Pure Tax Relief team


Convenient Back Tax Relief Programs


Back Tax Preparation & Filing

First objective in settling IRS problems is addressing any back tax returns a taxpayer has.  Before the IRS will even consider any relief programs, you must have your tax return filing in full and present compliance.  Our team of back tax preparation experts in Tampa, including tax accountants and bookkeeping professionals specialize in restoring your tax filing back into compliance, properly and promptly.


IRS Installment Plans

The IRS will grant monthly payment plans to gradually pay off your back tax sum, but only through the representation of a licensed tax professional. It's important to understand that the IRS will work with Tampa area taxpayers that show they are taking their back taxes seriously, seeking the proper channels to find a back tax solution. The problem is, only a licensed tax professional like our tax relief lawyers and enrolled agents have the exclusive, legal privileges to contact the proper IRS officials and negotiate an installment plan. We're available via phone or email to discuss your options for an installment plan today.


IRS Offer In Compromise (OIC)

An IRS Offer in Compromise is similar to an installment plan as it includes an agreement to pay your back taxes over set monthly payments, the kicker is the reduce settlement that comes with it.  These agreements are negotiated by a licensed Offer in Compromise attorney usually in cases of significant back taxes. Depending on your financial situation, the IRS may grant a reduced (compromised) back tax amount, in order to reach a settlement faster. Just like with any other back tax relief program, it requires the expert representation and negotiation expertise of a licensed tax relief attorney, resources available through our office for Tampa area taxpayers.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

A CNC program are the most exclusive agreement the IRS offers, reserved only for taxpayers that have unique financial hardship that prevents them from addressing their back taxes. If you qualify for this program, the IRS will indefinitely suspend any and all back tax obligation against the taxpayer, or any wage/asset collections. To qualify, you must meet certain conditions, including financial proof that you cannot afford basic living expenses for you and you family, while paying off your deliquent tax balance. As the most desirable and exclusive back tax relief program, it requires the expert attention of a licensed tax attorney, that can prepare the necessary documentation and plea your case in front of the IRS. Our office has helped Florida taxpayers secure a CNC determination, and can help you too if you qualify.


Innocent Spouse Relief

If you feel you are being falsely held responsible for back taxes or penalties due to a filing error from your spouse or former spouse, you may be eligible for innocent spouse relief (ISR). ISR is a provision of the U.S. tax code that gives immunity to people who can prove that their spouse or ex-spouse falsely filed their taxes resulting in back taxes or penalties. Whether you filed separate of jointly, there are strict conditions that you must meet in order to qualify for ISR. If you are a Tampa area taxpayer looking to qualify for ISR, let our tax relief professionals review you situation and help you pursue ISR properly, and promptly.