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When an IRS audit hits you or your business, minor or serious, it's always in your best interest to pursue professional IRS audit representation. It's true that many IRS audits are a result of random selection, where the IRS requests certain documentation to validate your tax return filing. However, audits can be results of serious misconduct or oversights on a tax filing, causing the IRS to red flag your individual or business tax filings, with potential for some very serious consequences. In any case, a licensed tax audit defense expert, like our team of licensed tax relief experts in the Tampa area, are your key to successfully settling and preventing IRS audits.

Tampa Pure Tax Relief is a professional tax relief firm, consisting of licensed tax relief lawyers, enrolled agents, and tax accountants in Florida, helping local Tampa area taxpayers settle audits through 360 degree representation. We dissect your tax filing issues, rectify them, and put your best foot forward with the IRS, ultimately mitigating the damage any audit may cause.  When you hire us for tax audit defense, individual or business, you have licensed professionals in your corner that will secure the best possible outcome for your audit.


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IRS Tax Audit Defense Process


When you receive a letter from the IRS notifying you of an audit, it will include specific information about the nature of your audit and what is required of you.  As mentioned before, most audits will require you to send in specific documentation or tax filing records to support your tax filing. In more serious cases, like a field audit (mainly for businesses), the IRS will make arrangements to come to your place of business to conduct the audit. Obviously, this is very serious, as the IRS will be inspecting your records and books with a find toothed comb.  

For Tampa area clients interested in retaining our IRS audit representation services, we recommend contacting us as soon as any IRS correspondence is received. This allows our tax attorneys and tax accounting professional time to assess your tax records, and prepare all necessary documentation for the audit. Through this process, our tax accounting professionals will identify, and rectify any tax filing errors. Also, our tax attorneys will be in direct contact with the IRS, handling all communication and making sure deadlines are being met. For any hearings with the IRS, our attorneys will represent you throughout the entire process, until your audit is settled. 

If indeed, there are any penalties that result from the audit, our licensed tax attorneys will have the capacity to leverage a settlement in your favor. In the bigger picture, we will also provide the necessary consulting to help you or your business streamline your tax filing, bookkeeping or payroll to maintain compliance and prevent further audits from happening.


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