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IRS problems come in many different shapes and sizes for Tampa individuals/families, and it can be very stressful when you are the one facing the burden. Don't panic, our tax relief professionals are here to help! At Tampa Pure Tax Relief, we strive to deliver the best tax relief and consulting in the Tampa area, and we do that by combining proven tax relief strategies with a focus on customer service. If you are a Florida citizen in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or any surrounding area facing IRS tax problems, we want to be your go-to resource for professional tax help

We aren't one of the flaky "1-800" marketing gimmicks that flood your TV, radio, or internet, we are a Florida tax relief firm located right here in Clearwater that works face-to-face with Florida taxpayers to achieve, and maintain IRS tax compliance. We are here to deliver trustworthy, proven tax relief, so let's have a discussion today so we can help you better understand your situation, and a detailed plan to attack it head on. Pick up the phone or email us to get in touch with our team of licensed tax attorneys, we are available 7 days a week and can get started on your tax relief case immediately.


Tax relief services of Tampa, FL

The Pure Tax Relief team


Effective Tax Relief Options Offered Through Our Firm


IRS Representation by Licensed Tax Attorneys

First and foremost, only a licensed tax relief professional like our team of tax attorneys have the skills and privileges to secure the best possible tax relief option for you. When you hire our firm to handle your IRS problem, you have direct access to a licensed tax attorney that shoulders the burden of communicating with the IRS. Through their exclusive privilege and tax law expertise, they negotiate with the highest IRS officials to secure the best possible settlement to resolve your IRS back taxes and keep your assets and wages safe from collections.


IRS Back Tax Relief

The majority of the Florida taxpayers we help have significant sum of back taxes in which they can't pay themselves. Many people aren't aware of their tax delinquency until it's too late, and their back taxes combined with penalties and interest is beyond their control. The good news is, there are options available for back tax relief. Through our office, our licensed tax relief attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants have the ability to secure viable back tax relief options like Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreements, and more. In addition, we rectify any back tax returns or tax filing issues you may have.


Back Tax Preparation & Filing

If you are local taxpayer in Tampa experiencing back taxes, chances are you need back tax preparation services to restore your compliance. To reach an ideal back tax relief settlement, you will need help filing back tax returns before the IRS will even consider granting a settlement plan. Our team of tax accounting professionals specialize in filing back tax returns for our clients, helping them promptly restore their tax compliance so they can move forward with pursuing tax relief.


IRS Penalty/Interest Abatement

If you are a Tampa area taxpayer struggling with a large sum of tax penalties as a result of back taxes or filing errors, there are options for IRS penalty abatement (relief) through our firm.  By rectifying any tax return compliance issues and negotiating with the appropriate IRS officials, we can help you secure a reduction, or even removal of your tax penalties.


IRS Tax Audit Defense & Representation

When the IRS requests additional information or records from you to support your tax returns, you are most likely being targeted for an audit.  Some IRS audits are products of random selection, while others are products of potentially serious red flags identified on your tax returns. In either situation, serious consequences can arise if not handled properly. Our team of IRS audit defense experts can help you navigate an IRS audit of any degree, from preparing the necessary records, refiling tax returns, and representing you with the IRS to mitigate any serious issues that could arise.


Stop and Prevent Wage Garnishments / Levies

In more severe cases of prolonged tax problems, our Tampa area clients need help stopping their wages or assets from being garnished.  When you are facing a wage garnishment or levy, whether new or old, it's absolutely crucial to seek professional help to stop IRS wage garnishment, and prevent it. If you are a Florida taxpayer in the Tampa area currently being garnished, or have significant back taxes and would like to prevent collections, our licensed tax relief specialists can help you today. 


International Tax Compliance

In Florida, and all across the United States there is a growing number of citizens involved with international business matters or offshore investing, all situations that have corresponding tax filing regulations by the U.S. Government.  Our international tax advisors, including tax attorneys and accounting experts, provide relief and consulting for any international tax issue. Whether it's properly filing tax returns, or FBAR/FATCA reporting compliance for your offshore assets, we can help in any facet of international tax compliance.