Customer-driven IRS attorneys that deliver results for Tampa area taxpayers

Need help with a complicated IRS problem in Tampa? Make sure you consult with a IRS representation specialist, a professional lawyer for IRS problems that can get results. Tax attorneys, like the customer-driven tax relief attorneys at our office, apply their exclusive tax law expertise and negotiation skills for Tampa taxpayers every single day, a unique benefit that your every day CPA or Accountant can't provide.  Our team of professional IRS attorneys go above and beyond just settling tax problems, by delivering the best customer service you can find in a tax attorney firm in the Tampa area.

The tax relief attorneys at Tampa Pure Tax Relief are the heart and soul of every IRS tax relief case we handle.  Licensed through the ABA, they are permitted to represent Florida taxpayers with the highest IRS officials, and within the U.S. tax courts.  But what sets us apart is our dedication to communication and honesty for our clients, a refreshing alternative to the faceless "1-800" tax relief gimmicks flooding the TV, radio, and internet. When dealing with stressful IRS problems, it's important to be there for our clients every day, giving them peace of mind knowing they have a licensed tax law professional representing their best interests.  From negotiating IRS back tax / penalty settlements, to stopping garnishments, and providing sound tax consulting for businesses, our tax relief attorneys have the back of Florida taxpayers looking to settle their IRS problems for good.


Tax relief attorneys of Tampa, FL

The Pure Tax Relief team


The Tax Attorney Advantages


Exclusive IRS Representation

Just like in a court of law, it's vital to have the proper legal representation when facing serious tax problems with the IRS.  Only licensed tax professionals like our team of tax relief attorneys have the legal privileges to communicate with the highest IRS officials, officials that are responsible for granting tax settlements for Florida taxpayers. The taxpayer, or even an Accountant/CPA alone does not possess this exclusive privilege that a tax relief attorney has at their disposal.


IRS Negotiation Expertise

Any professional tax attorney that gets results for their clients are seasoned negotiators, knowing what strings to pull and channels to work when communicating with the IRS. At Tampa Pure Tax Relief, every tax attorney we employ must possess superior negotiation skills when representing our clients.  We take pride in fighting for, and securing the best possible tax relief settlements for individuals and businesses in the Tampa area.


Securing IRS Back Tax Relief Programs

For Tampa area taxpayers struggling with large amounts of back taxes, penalties, or interest, there are options for relief, only attainable with the assistance of a tax relief attorney. Every day, our team of tax lawyers work diligently on behalf of our clients, representing them with the IRS to secure any number of convenient IRS back tax relief options including IRS Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse Relief, and more.


Stopping IRS Wage Garnishments or Levies

When you are facing an IRS wage garnishment or levy, you are basically on the IRS' sh*t list, and getting off of it won't be easy. One of the most critical services our tax relief attorneys provide for our Tampa area clients is the ability to negotiate a suspension of wage garnishment and asset levies. When you contact our office to discuss your options for IRS wage garnishment relief, our tax attorneys will offer you a solution to stop your wage garnishment within 24 hours, including options to permanently reduce and settle your back taxes.


IRS Tax Audit Representation

IRS audits, no matter the severity, should be taken seriously in order to properly settle them, and avoid them in the future.  With their exclusive IRS representation and negotiation skills, the tax audit defense attorneys at Tampa Pure Tax Relief leave no stone un-turned, and provide comprehensive audit representation to properly settle your personal or business IRS audit.


IRS Business Help

Our business clients in the Tampa area benefit greatly from the advanced business tax help our tax relief attorneys provide. Not only do we represent local business owners to settle any flavor of business tax problem, but in addition provide complete business tax consulting and advice, helping businesses right the ship, establish a good foundation for success, and of-course avoid future snags in regards to the IRS.


International Tax Attorneys

In addition to settling any domestic IRS problem, we provide a full gamut of tax relief and consulting in the realm of international tax. From properly filing FBAR and FATCA for offshore investments, to achieving tax and payroll compliance for offshore business operations, we have the ability to represent taxpayers across Tampa and Florida to sustain international tax compliance.


Non-Profit Tax Services

For Florida citizens looking to start, and maintain a successful non-profit 501c3 organization, we can help with any facet of the process. We have a team of tax attorneys and non-profit accounting professionals that streamline 501c3 tax-exempt registration and tax filing with the IRS and State, including filing the proper start-up paperwork, ongoing bookkeeping, financial statements, and tax return compliance.