Proven solutions to stop IRS wage garnishment & levies for Tampa area taxpayers

Facing an IRS wage garnishment or levy in the Tampa area?  It's natural to feel concerned or panicked, and honestly, you should, garnishment and levies have the potential to ruin people's financial well-being. If you are a taxpayer of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg or any local area being victimized by IRS collections, it's important to educate yourself on the nature of wage garnishments or levies, and the options you have to stop it. Generally speaking, the IRS issues collections against taxpayers who have prolonged back taxes, with accumulated penalties and interest, these same taxpayers have neglected taking action to settle them, causing the IRS to take action to collect what is owed to them. Whether you are already being victimized by a wage garnishment or levy, or received a letter in the mail threatening collections, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to pursue professional help.

We have good news for Tampa area taxpayers in need of help stopping IRS wage garnishment or levies, our team of licensed tax relief professionals have a solution for you.  At our office here in Clearwater, our tax relief attorneys and enrolled agents have the capacity to contact the IRS on your behalf today, and start the process of suspending any collections, and formulating a tax relief plan that will erase your IRS back taxes for good.  Please understand, there is no switch to flip, or magic wand that can be waved to stop an IRS collection on the spot, so don't let any of the tax relief gimmicks out there feed you false hope or flimsy promises. At our firm, we promise to represent your best interests to stop your wage garnishment, but that begins with developing a healthy string of communication with you, so you can take the most appropriate actions needed to end your garnishment and tax problem. Our tax attorneys are available right now for a free consultation to offer realistic, proven options to protect your wages and assets, and settle your IRS problems for good!


IRS wage garnishment relief Tampa, FL

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Understanding IRS Collections


It's important to understand the circumstances that got you into this situation, so you can take the proper measures to prevent a collection from happening again.  First and foremost, if you owe back taxes, whether individual or business, the IRS will notify you via mail of your tax deliquency and your responsibility to settle them.  It's only when you consistently ignore these warnings, that you become a target for wage garnishment or levy. Once the IRS issues a collection against you, you will receive an "Intent to Levy" notice via direct mail, and ONLY through direct mail.


Beware of the SCAMS

In any communication from the IRS regarding a collection (Intent to Levy), the IRS sends communication strictly through direct mail. Any phone call or email you get from someone claiming to be the IRS, demanding payment or anything else is 100% a SCAM. Ignore, hang up, and block the number/email if you can.


How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishment or Levies

Once the IRS decides to issue a collection against you, they have the unchecked power to garnish your paycheck or levy your assets (bank accounts, investments, property, etc). When receiving the Intent to Levy notice in the mail, the IRS normally provides a 30 day window to take action (having professional IRS representation contact the IRS on your behalf). Nonetheless, the IRS gives you ample time to respond, so it's important to contact us as soon as possible to get the wheels in motion.

From our office located at 575 S. Hercules Avenue in Clearwater, you have a full-service resource of tax relief professionals that can handle any and all burden of your IRS collection problem. Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys and enrolled agents are certified to represent Florida taxpayers with the highest IRS officials. When you contact our office today, you will speak directly with a licensed tax relief attorney for a free consultation. We will collect all pertinent information from you to understand your unique situation, and offer realistic solutions to address your collections, and also your delinquent taxes. If you choose to retain our services, we will start immediately on your case. As your case progresses you will have direct communication privileges with your tax attorney 7 days a week, where we will keep you informed every step of the way until your IRS collections problems are settled for good!