Full-service business tax relief & consulting for Tampa area business owners

The Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg area is a thriving climate for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but statistics show that most local businesses will experience harmful business tax problems and some point in time. Tax problems like payroll tax deliquency, tax filing errors, etc. can stem from a wide range of causes, many of which are small miscalculations or oversights. Regardless, the IRS takes business tax problems very seriously, so if your business is facing tax problems, it's absolutely crucial to seek business tax relief before it puts your business' future at risk.

Tampa Pure Tax Relief, from our offices in Clearwater, are dedicated to the success of local businesses in the Tampa area. We understand the blood, sweat, and tears, and all the other hardships that go into starting and growing a profitable business, so we are here to offer a full suite of business tax help services.  With the collective efforts of our business tax help experts, including tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax accounting experts, we shoulder the burden of dealing with the IRS to settle your business tax problems, and maintain healthy IRS compliance moving forward. Our business tax relief experts handle a full gamut of business tax relief and consulting disciplines for business owners in the Tampa area, and are available to speak with you today to offer a solution to help your business succeed!


Business tax relief of Tampa, FL

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Full-Service IRS Business Help for Tampa Businesses



Business Tax Representation by Licensed Tax Relief Attorneys

If you have complicated business tax problems of any kind, a lawyer for IRS problems is your knight in shining armor. Our team of dedicated business tax attorneys are licensed through the ABA, representing Florida business owners with the IRS to negotiate and secure permanent tax settlements for their business. If you are a local business owner of Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete or any surrounding area struggling with business tax problems, the legal expertise from our tax attorneys will help you achieve business tax relief.


Payroll Tax Relief

Avoiding penalties from the IRS depends on maintaining healthy payroll tax compliance.  Unfortunately, many local business owners may have miscalculated their payroll, or withheld their payroll tax payments because they were strapped for cash. Regardless of the intent or origin of your payroll tax deliquency, the IRS does not tolerate delinquent payroll taxes, and will penalize you harshly for it. Resolving payroll tax problems begins with having an experienced, licensed tax relief professional rectify your payroll tax issues. Through the assistance of our tax attorneys and payroll tax accountants, we can help any Tampa area business restore payroll tax compliance, and maintain it.


Back Tax Filing, Preparation, Consulting

Misfiled or delinquent tax returns can spell doom for any business owner. The IRS hands down a variety of harsh tax penalties, and even collections and seizures for extreme cases, when a business fails to properly file their returns.  In many cases, the business wasn't properly incorporated from the start, meaning that the business didn't necessarily incorrectly complete their tax filing, they just didn't file the proper documentation. Regardless of any back tax return or filing issue your business is having, our team of business tax help experts can provide you with full-service help, including properly form/incorporate your business, and rectifying your back tax returns into compliance.


Resolving Overstated Deductions

It's easy for any business owner to want to squeeze as much as they can out of their business expense deductions, but if the IRS suspects you are claiming illegal deductions on your return, you will be subject to audits, penalties, or worse. Our tax attorneys and accounting professionals can help you resolve any existing deduction problems with the IRS, and help bring clarity to the best practices of filing deductions so you can avoid problems in the future.


Employee Classification Problems

W-2? 1099? Does it matter? In the eyes of the IRS, yes it does. How you classify your workers depends on their relationship with the company. Different classifications come with different tax filing and payroll regulations, so it's crucial that you are properly classifying your workers. We'll help you shed light on the requirements, and get you on track to properly classify your employees to avoid any red flags from the IRS.


International Business Tax Consulting

What makes our firm unique from other business tax relief companies in the Tampa area is our unique expertise in the field of international tax regulations for businesses. Peter Mancini, our resident international tax attorney, works with Florida businesses involved with international tax operations to help them become properly incorporated in the eyes of the US Government, and streamline their international tax compliance. If a client is experiencing international tax problems with the IRS, our legal and accounting team can help rectify those issues by offering expert IRS representation, as well.