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From our Clearwater, FL offices, Pure Tax Relief and our team of customer-driven tax lawyers and tax relief experts provide a unique advantage for local taxpayers, individuals, families, and businesses alike. It begins with transparency and customer service, benefits that are hard to find nowadays in the tax relief industry. Compromised of licensed tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and tax accounting experts, our team works directly with Clearwater taxpayers facing IRS problems to reach the best possible settlement, and avoid IRS problems in the future.

Every tax case we handle has the direct attention of our licensed tax lawyers, shouldering the burden of your IRS tax problems and exercising their proven negotiation and tax law expertise to get the settlement you deserve.  From securing back tax relief programs like an Offer In Compromise or Installment Agreement, to abating tax penalties, eliminating wage garnishments, or settling tax problems for businesses, our tax lawyers are your professional source for expert tax relief. We offer free consultations, up-front fees, and superior customer service, give our office a call today and expect nothing but the best tax lawyers in the Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg areas.


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Whether you are an individual or business owner in the Clearwater area facing IRS tax problems, or just need help with consulting and maintaining healthy tax compliance, our tax lawyers and accounting experts can accomodate all your needs.

Back Tax Filing & Compliance

In most tax problems we encounter with Clearwater clients, there are tax filing issues that must be rectified before a settlement can be reached with the IRS. Our team of tax lawyers and accounting professionals work together to identify tax filing issues and rectify them to bring our clients back into compliance, giving our tax lawyers the green light to pursue a tax relief settlement.

IRS Back Tax Relief Programs

When facing a significant amount of IRS back taxes, you may feel overwhelmed and alone, but with the help of our team of tax lawyers you will be able to secure a realistic back tax relief program that will settle your tax problems for good. Our tax lawyers possess the skills and legal privileges to represent our clients with the IRS to reduce your back tax amount, eliminate your back taxes, and protect your hard-earned assets and wages.

Tax Penalty & Interest Abatement

IRS tax penalties and interest seem to slip under the radar when it comes to IRS tax problems because many taxpayers don't realize how damaging they can be. As your prolongs, you continue to accrue expensive penalties and interest (depending on the nature of your problem), which is why it is crucial to seek the help of a licensed tax professional. The IRS tax lawyers at Pure Tax Relief of Clearwater, FL represent local taxpayers with the IRS to negotiate IRS penalty abatement (relief) programs that reduce and settle tax penalties and interest, and can do the same for you.

IRS Wage Garnishment & Levy Relief

Without a doubt the most damaging portion of any back taxes is when the IRS decides to garnish or levy your assets as a result of substantial back taxes that have gone unaddressed for too long. When this happens, only a licensed tax professional like our tax lawyers can contact the IRS immediately and put a stop to your wage garnishment or levy. If you are a Clearwater area taxpayer experiencing a collection right now, or would like to take action to prevent a collection against you, our dedicated tax lawyers are available today for a free consultation.

IRS Tax Audit Representation & Settlements

When an IRS audit comes your way, individual or business, minor or serious, having the right tax audit representation is crucial to ensure it is prepared for, and settled properly. If you are a Clearwater individual or business facing an audit of any kind, our team of tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and tax accounting experts can cover all bases in preparation, settlement, and prevention of IRS audits of any kind.

Business Tax Help - Relief, Management, & Consulting

Clearwater is home to a great diversity of businesses of all types and sizes, each of which has tax obligations with the IRS. When trying to run a profitable business, it's easy for these tax obligations (bookkeeping, payroll, filing, etc) to be neglected or suffer oversights. If you are a Clearwater area business owner facing tax problems with your business, or in need of ongoing accounting and payroll, or general consulting, consider our team of expert business tax lawyers and accounting experts your go-to resource for complete business tax help. We are here to help your Clearwater business reach maximum success!

International Tax Compliance

Beyond our full scope of domestic (IRS) tax relief and consulting specialists, we also assist in international tax compliance matters for Florida residents. Involved with offshore investments/assets? Our international tax lawyers can help you rectify your FBAR and FATCA reporting requirements. Involved in international employment? Let us help you maintain proper tax compliance, including filing, payroll, and more!